Accurate Pressure & Force Sensor Systems

to enable research, development and medicine. 

Accurate Pressure &

Force Sensor Systems

to enable research, development and medicine. 

Find the right sensor Describe your application

If you are not sure which system is right for you, please describe your application in detail.

Example applications:


Seat personalisation


Pressure under saddle


Pressure at interface


Smart glove and grip forces


Grip and finger forces


Tire optimisation


balance and pressure shift during swing


optimize sleeping position and hardness


Back to sports and symmetry


Analysis of body balance


System control and feedback


Barefoot pressure distribution

About us

Like the Moroccan storytellers, most people have a story to tell about their lives. In what follows we would like to share our story: how novel was born, what are our current endeavours and our plans for the future. Our webpage further provides links and references to resources and themes outside of our company’s main fields of activity.

About novel

With more than 40 years of experience, novel is the global leader in accurate and reliable load distribution measurement systems. The company has developed several system families that are able to measure contact forces between many surfaces, for example between hand and tool, foot and shoe, buttock and airplane seat, or car tires and the ground. All novel systems operate with high quality, calibrated sensors and provide reliable and reproducible long term measurements. Outstanding scientific software for the analysis of medical and industrial data allows the user to be always one step ahead.

The company novel was founded…