Pressure measurement systems

Stationary and wireless:


Pressure distribution under the foot.


Pressure distribution inside footwear


Pressure distribution on any object


Pressure distribution at the hand

Force measurement systems

Mobile systems:


Force under the foot


Force between any soft or hard objects


Force on a small flexible area


Low force under textiles or garment

Help with definitions

What is the difference between force and pressure?

Pressure is the force between two objects, distributed over the contact area. If soft or flexible objects touch each other, the pressure distribution changes. This is of importance, e.g if pressure peaks need to be prevented. 

Force can be calculated by integrating (adding) the pressures applied on a surface of an object. This is of importance, e.g if the object is part of a system that is being studied (object: foot, system: human body).

What are wireless and mobile system?

A wireless system is not fixed to a single location. Our systems range from fixed (e.g. emed) to wireless (e.g. pedar) to lightweight mobile (e.g. loadsol).

Our lightweight mobile systems are designed to measure during e.g. outdoor activities without interfering with the natural movement of the subject.

What are soft or hard objects?

Hard objects do not change their form or shape if a force or pressure is applied (e.g. concrete surface)

Soft objects react to a force that is applied by changing their form and shape. This results in a change of pressure distribution (e.g. car seat, human foot, etc.)

Example applications

Our systems can be used in many situations:

In research:

  • University projects:
    e.g human-robot interaction
  • Clinical studies:
    e.g drug validation
  • Field research:
    e.g effects of weight lifting

In development:

  • Product development:
    e.g running shoes
  • Production optimization:
    e.g car seat optimization
  • Trials and validation:
    e.g Touch screen interaction

In medicine:

  • Orthopedics:
    e.g diabetic foot assessment
  • Surgery:
    e.g pre/post-op comparison of foot structure
  • Rehabilitation:
    e.g return to sports assessment

Here you can find most of our current shapes.


Overview shapes and drawings