pedar®: Dynamic pressure distribution inside the footwear.


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The pedar system is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads between the foot and the shoe. The pedar offers the ultimate versatility with its multiple standard features and operating modes. The pedar can be tethered to a PC via a fiber optic/USB cable. It can also function in a mobile capacity with its built-in Bluetooth technology. And, as yet another alternative, the pedar has a SD card storage allowing data to be collected anywhere and later downloaded to the computer.

All of these features make the pedar system extremely mobile and flexible to meet virtually all testing needs such as walking, running, climbing stairs, carrying loads, playing soccer, or even riding a bicycle. The results are therefore more relevant to real-life.

The pedar system connects to highly conforming, elastic sensor insoles that cover the entire plantar surface of the foot, or to sensor pads for the dorsal, medial or lateral areas of the foot. The pedar system allows multiple synchronisation options to use i.e. with video systems for gait movement analysis.

The pedar data acquisition software
contains many helpful and user friendly options for fast pressure data collection and presentation. Different levels of pedar measuring software are available.

Features of pedar sensors:

  • 99 sensors per insole
  • measurement frequency:  20,000 sensors/second
  • any shoe size

Features of pedar software:

  • individual sensor selection
  • online and off-line modes
  • pressure picture in 2D, 3D and isobar view
  • numeric display
  • animation of foot contact phases
  • maximum pressure picture (MPP)
  • step selection
  • step timing analysis
  • averaged and individual gait lines
  • comparison and difference pictures
  • calculation of regional loadings
  • ASCII output
  • simultaneous video recording
  • audio feedback for force and pressure values
  • long term body load analysis
  • integrated into novel databases
  • wide range of scientific analysis software

Applications of pedar system:

  • footwear shoe research and design
  • kinetic analysis of free gait in biomechanics
  • long term load monitoring
  • sport biomechanics
  • biofeedback

Bluetooth telemetry
The pedar works with Bluetooth wireless telemetry system in a wide range. The pedar system includes a built-in Bluetooth system and communicates with various Bluetooth PC adapters. The telemetry allows the user to watch the subject and at the same time fully control the testing from a PC. The dynamic pressure data can be viewed online and the subject advised how to perform. The system is a perfect tool for teaching and for biofeedback testing.

trublu calibration device
With the aid of the trublu calibration device, all sensors of the pedar system are individually calibrated. Calibration guarantees accurate and reproducible data and can be checked by the user at any time.

foot pressure mapping insole - gait analysis - pedar
PEDAR - the most accurate foot pressure measurement insole
pedar®: Dynamic pressure distribution inside the footwear.
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pedar pad

The pedar pad is a highly elastic sensor for measurements on the dorsal side of the foot inside the shoe. It can be combined with pedar insoles for simultaneous measurement of the plantar and the dorsal aspect of the foot to monitor the shoe-fit.

Technical data for the pedar pad:
• Number of sensors: 56 (7 x 8)
• Size of one sensor: 10 x 20 mm²
• Sensor area: 70 x 160 mm²
• Pressure range: 15.0 – 600.0 kPa
• Sensor resolution: 0.5 sensor/cm²


pedarpad vs pedar insoles - novel measurement sensors

pedar pad inside shoe - dorsa - shoe pressure measurement -

pedar pad inside the shoe (dorsal)



number of sensors 99 sensors per insole
size any shoe size


number of sensors 99 sensors per insole
size any shoe size
certification CE certified, according to Directive 93/42/EEC

Technical specifications analyser:

 dimension (mm)   150 x 100 x 40
  weight (g)   400
  number of sensors (max)   256 (1,024)
  measurement frequency   20,000 sensors/second
  storage type   2 GB SD card
  computer interface   fiber optic/USB and Bluetooth
  operating system   current Windows OS
  sync option   fiber optic/TTL, in and out/wireless
  power supply   NIMh battery

Technical specifications sensor:

 shoe size   22 to 49 (European), 3 widths
  thickness (mm)   1.9 (min. 1)
  number of sensors   85 – 99
  pressure range (kPa)   15 – 600 or 30 – 1,200
  hysteresis (%)   < 7
  resolution (kPa)   2.5 or 5
  offset temperature drift (kPa/K)   < 0.5
  minimal bending radius (mm)   20