texsens®: mobile load measurement in the textile and garment industry


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The texsens® force measuring device was developed by novel for mobile load measurement in the textile and garment industry. The texsens® utilizes one fully calibrated, capacitive sensor which is connected to the small and lightweight loadpad® electronics

texsense® software:

Mobile data acquisition, real-time transmission via Bluetooth, and data evaluation is captured with the loadpad® app for intelligent mobile devices. 
The app displays force over time and allows the definition of audio or visual feedback thresholds. The measured data can be stored on the mobile device and to the cloud and also transferred to a computer for detailed analysis.

The texsens® sensor is used for measurements under compression clothing when very low contact pressures are to be detected during body movement. As the sensor is exceptionally thin and highly adaptable there is minimal disturbance to the measurement interface or the proprioceptive perception.

The texsens® sensor is the ideal solution for highly accurate measurement and complete assessment of force production under garments where very low contact pressures occur and precision is required.

Technical data of the texsens®-g sensor

  sensor size (mm)   Ø 10
  strap length (mm)   400
  electronics size (mm)   30 x 45 x 15
  scan rate (Hz)   50 (standard)
  pressure range (kPa)   1-10 (standard)
  transmission   Bluetooth® LE
  operating devices   iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,
  Android smart devices
  power supply   3V coin cells (or rechargeable batteries)