pliance® hand sensors

The pliance® hand sensor family has been designed for:

  • accurate and functional diagnostics of hand pre- and post surgery
  • evaluation of rehabilitation progress
  • ergonomic assessment during occupational activities
  • biomechanic and orthopaedic research

novel systems are based on calibrated, accurate and reliable capacitive sensors. The individual sensor elements are elastic and arranged in a matrix, which conforms to 3-dimensional shapes. The sensor matrix is connected to the novel pliance® electronics hardware. The pressure analysis can be done on- or off-line by a PC or a handheld personal digital assistent (PDA).

There are different sensor types available:

pliance® cylinder sensors
The pliance® cylinder mats are specifically designed for measurement of pressure distribution and contact forces while gripping a cylinder. 


pliance® glove sensor
The pliance® glove sensors are primarily designed for measurement of pressure distribution at a hand-machine interface. 


pliance® strip sensor
The pliance® strip sensor may be required for special pressure distribution applications with limited hand area, for example on one finger. 


pliance® hand mat sensor
The pliance® hand mat sensor is a high spatial resolution matrix which allows a detailed investigation of specific hand and finger regions.