loadsol® insoles in biomechanics / sports science


In biomechanics, forces over time play a crucial role, as the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles work only in the interplay of forces. The loadsol® measures the normal ground reaction force on the plantar surface of the foot in both standing and dynamic movements.
For the application in sports and biomechanics, the loadsol® app allows the evaluation of parameters such as long-term biofeedback load monitoring, bipedal comparison of balance and gait, as well as the evaluation of cadence or loading rate during running. The app displays bipedal force over time and gives immediate biofeedback regarding the load on the foot. The measured data could be automatically stored to a personal cloud drive.
The loadsol® insole is available in four versions with different sensor area layouts, if the specific application requires the separate recording of the load on hindfoot and forefoot, or hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot, or lateral forefoot, medial forefoot and hindfoot. Additional customizable divisions and sizes can be manufactured.

For athletes or in sports science, the measurement with loadsol® also allows an evaluation of the training regarding e.g. the intensity of the individual phases, the applied peak forces, the mean forces, the balance between left and right leg, the cadence, or the loading rate. The shape of the force curves allows conclusions to be drawn about the flow and uniformity of the athlete’s movement. In addition, the athlete also receives visual feedback during training and can adjust his motion sequence accordingly.

There are numerous possibilities of use, from shoe manufacturing over biomechanics research to the application in recreational and professional sports.