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Pressure Distribution Measurement Management at novel gmbh

Many clinicians daily assess the dynamic pressure distribution of the patient’s foot and make clinical decisions based on this data. Accurate and reliable pressure information is indispensable for the clinician to decide for appropriate treatment. Depending on the loading pattern of the foot and the pathology of the patient the local pressure values of the foot can reach up to 1.2 MPa, or even higher [1]. The actual value of local pressure is extremely important in patients with pathologies such as the diabetic foot. Therefore, it is necessary that every sensor within a pressure system displays the accurate, absolute pressure value.

Appropriateness of plantar pressure measurement devices in a research context: A comparative technical assessment
Claudia Giacomozzi 
Dept. of Technology and Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanitá, Rome, Italy
Gait & Posture 32 (2010): 141-144

Accurate plantar pressure measurements are mandatory in both clinical and research contexts. Differences in accuracy, precision and reliability of the available devices have prevented so far the onset of standardization processes or the definition of reliable reference datasets. 

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