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TopicTitleAuthors Of PublicationYear Of PublicationDownload
HorseA bridle designed to avoid peak pressure locations under the headpiece and nosebandRachel Murray, Russell Guire, Mark Fisher, Vanessa Fairfax2015Download
HandA new measuring technique for determining the forces acting on the pulley system of the fingerIsabelle Schöffl, Konrad Oppelt, Andreas Schweizer, Arnika Hugel, Jörg Jüngert, Friedrich Hennig, Winfried Neuhuber, Volker Schöffl2009Download
loadsolA novel method for measuring asymmetry in kinematic and kinetic variables: The normalized symmetry indexRobin Queen, Laura Dickerson, Shyam Ranganathan, Daniel Schmitt2020Link to paper
HorseApplied load on the horse’s back under racing conditionsKatja Geser-von Peinen, Selma N. Latif, Thomas Wiestner, Caroline Bitschnau, Brigitte Renk, Michael A.Weishaupt2013Link to paper
DiabetesClinical plantar pressure measurement in diabetesP.R. Cavanagh, J.S. Ulbrecht1994Link to paper
PedographyDevelopment and evaluation of a dual density insole for people standing for long periods of time at workJennifer Anderson, Anita E. Williams, Chris Nester2020Download
PedographyDevelopment of healthy children’s feet—Nine-year results of a longitudinal investigation of plantar loading patternsKerstin Bosch, Joachim Gerß, Dieter Rosenbaum2010Download
PedographyDevelopment of the infant foot as a load bearing structure- study protocol for a longitudinal evaluation (the Small Steps study)Carina Price , Juliet McClymont , Farina Hashmi1 , Stewart C. Morrison and Christopher Nester2018Download
DiabetesDiabetic Foot Ulcers and Their RecurrenceDavid G. Armstrong, D.P.M., M.D., Ph.D., Andrew J.M. Boulton, M.D., and Sicco A. Bus, Ph.D.2017Download
DiabetesEffect of Custom-Made Footwear on Foot Ulcer Recurrence in DiabetesSicco A. Bus, PHD, Roelof Waaijman, MSC, Mark Arts, MSC, Mirijam de Haart, MD, PHD, Tessa Busch-Westbroek, MD, MSC, Jeff van Baal, MD, PHD, Frans Nollet, MD, PHD2013Download
HorseEffect of the rider position during rising trot on the horse’s biomechanicsP.Martin, L.Cheze, P.Pourcelot, L.Desquilbet, L.Duray, H.Chateau2016Link to paper
HandEffects of modified pen grip and handwriting training on writer’s crampBaur B, Fürholzer W, Jasper I, Marquardt C, Hermsdörfer J.2009Download
Sensor qualityEvaluation of pressure insoles during runningRene El Katia, Steph Forrestera , Paul Fleminga2010Download
HandFlake morphology as a record of manual pressure during stone tool productionAlastair Key a,⁎, Christopher J. Dunmore a, Kevin G. Hatala b,c, Erin Marie Williams-Hatala2018Download
HorseForces and pressures beneath the saddle during mounting from the ground and from a raised mounting platformC.A. Geutjens, H.M. Clayton *, L.J. Kaiser2007Link to paper
HandGrip force monitoring on the hand – Manugraphy system versus Jamar dynamometerMarion Mühldorfer‑Fodor · Steffen Ziegler · Christoph Harms · Julia Neumann · Alessandra Cristalli · Axel Kalpen · Günther Kundt · Thomas Mittlmeier · K. J. Prommersberger2014Link to paper
DiabetesInnovations in plantar pressure and foot temperature measurements in diabetesS.A. Bus2016Download
PedographyIntraoperative Pedobarography Leads to Improved Outcome ScoresMartinus Richter, MD, PhD and Stefan Zech, MD2009Download
HandLoad distribution of the hand during cylinder grip analyzed by manugraphyMarion Mühldorfer-Fodor MDa,*, Steffen Ziegler MDa, Christoph Harms MDb, Julia Neumann MDb, Günther Kundt PhD c, Thomas Mittlmeier PhD b, Karl Josef Prommersberger PhD a2016Link to paper
loadsolLoad-Bearing Detection with Insole-Force Sensors Provides New Treatment Insights in Fragility Fractures of the PelvisDaniel Pfeufer, Christopher A. Becker, Leon Faust, Alexander M. Keppler, Marissa Stagg, Christian Kammerlander, Wolfgang Böcker, Carl Neuerburg2020Download
HandMachine learning as a tool for predicting insincere effort in power gripsPeter Hahn (1), Eren Cenik (2), Karl-Josef Prommersberger (2), Marion Mühldorfer-Fodor (2)2016Download
PedographyMetatarsal Length does not Correlate with Maximal Peak Pressure and Maximal ForceMartin Kaipel MD, Daniel Krapf MD, Christian Wyss MD2010Download
HandParameters influencing hand grip strength measured with the manugraphy systemAlice Wichelhaus1* , Christoph Harms1, Julia Neumann1, Steffen Ziegler2, Günther Kundt3, Karl Josef Prommersberger2, Thomas Mittlmeier1 and Marion Mühldorfer-Fodor22018Download
PedographyPedographic, clinical, and functional outcome after scarf osteotomyLorei TJ1, Kinast C, Klärner H, Rosenbaum D2006Link to paper
PedographyPlantar pressures and ankle kinematics following anterior tibialis tendon transfers in children with clubfootKirsten Tulchin, Kelly A Jeans1 , Lori A Karol , Lindsey Crawford2014Download
DiabetesPlantar pressures in diabetic patients with foot ulcers which have remained healedT. M. Owings, J. Apelqvist, A. Stenström, M. Becker, S. A. Bus, A. Kalpen, J. S. Ulbrecht, P. R. Cavanagh2009Link to paper
HorseReducing peak pressures under the saddle panelRachel Murray, Russell Guire, Mark Fisher, Vanessa Fairfax2017Link to paper
HorseRelationship between saddle and rider kinematics, horse locomotion, and thoracolumbar pressures in sound horsesRussell Mackechnie-Guire, Erik Mackechnie-Guire, Mark Fisher, Helen Mathie, Rosie Bush, Thilo Pfau, Renate Weller2018Download
HorseRelationship between saddle pressure measurements and clinical signs of saddle soreness at the withersK. von Peinen, T. Wiestner, B. von Rechenberg and M. A. Weishaupt2010Download
DiabetesRisk Factors for Plantar Foot Ulcer Recurrence in Neuropathic Diabetic PatientsRoelof Waaijman, Mirjam de Haart, Mark L.J. Arts, Daniel Wever, Anke J.W.E. Verlouw, Frans Nollet, and Sicco A. Bus2014Download
HorseSaddle and stirrup forces of equestrian riders in sitting trot, rising trot, and trot without stirrups on a riding simulatorT.L. Bye, V. Lewis2019Link to paper
HorseSaddle pressure patterns of three different training saddles in Thoroughbred racehorses at trot and gallopS. N. Latif, K. von Peinen, T. Wiestner, C. Bitschnau, B. Renk and M. A. Weishaupt2010Download
PedographyThe Accuracy of an Automasking Algorithm in Plantar Pressure MeasurementsScott J. Ellis, MD & Hill Stoecklein, BS & Joseph C. Yu, BS & Grisha Syrkin, BS & Howard Hillstrom, PhD & Jonathan T. Deland, MD2010Download
HandThe Effect of Midcarpal Versus Total Wrist Fusion on the Hand’s Load Distribution During GrippingMarion Mühldorfer-Fodor, MD, Angela Reger, MD, Jörg van Schoonhoven, PhD, Thomas Mittlmeier, PhD, Karl Josef Prommersberger, PhD2015Link to paper
HorseThe effects of rider size and saddle fit for horse and rider on forces and pressure distribution under saddles: A pilot studyL. Roost, A. D. Ellis, C. Morris, A. Bondi, E. A. Gandy, P. Harris, S. Dyson2020Download
HandThe influence of glove and hand position on pressure over the ulnar nerve during cyclingJosh Slane a,c, Mark Timmerman d, Heidi-Lynn Ploeg a,b,c, Darryl G. Thelen2011Download
HorseThe influence of rider:horse bodyweight ratio and rider-horse-saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: A pilot studyS. Dyson, A. D. Ellis, R. Mackechnie-Guire, J. Douglas, A. Bondi, P. Harris2019Download
HandThe manual pressures of stone tool behaviors and their implications for the evolution of the human handErin Marie Williams-Hatala, Kevin G. Hatala, McKenzie Gordon, Alastair Key, Margaret Kasper, Tracy L. Kivell2018Download
Sensor qualityThe Reliability and Validity of the Loadsol® under Various Walking and Running ConditionsKristen E. Renner, DS BlaiseWilliams and Robin M. Queen2019Download
DiabetesTotal contact cast wall load in patients with a plantar forefoot ulcer and diabetesLindy Begg, Patrick McLaughlin, Mauro Vicaretti, John Fletcher and Joshua Burns2016Download
DiabetesTreatment for diabetic foot ulcersProf, Dr Peter R Cavanagh, DSc Prof Benjamin A Lipsky, MD Prof Andrew W Bradbury, FRCS Georgeanne Botek, DPM2005Link to paper
DiabetesTwelve steps per footM.L.J. Arts, S.A. Bus2011Download
loadsolUsing force sensing insoles to predict kinetic knee symmetry during a stop jumpAlexander T.Peebles, Kevin R.Ford, Jeffrey B.Taylor, Joseph M.Hart, Laura P.Sands, Robin M.Queen2019Link to paper
Sensor qualityValidity and Repeatability of Single-Sensor Loadsol Insoles during LandingAlexander T. Peebles, Lindsay A. Maguir , Kristen E. Renner and Robin M. Queen2018Download
loadsolWeight bearing in patients with femoral neck fractures compared to pertrochanteric fractures: A postoperative gait analysisDaniel Pfeufer, Chiara Grabmann, Stefan Mehaffey, Alexander Keppler, Wolfgang Böcker, Christian Kammerlander, Carl Neuerburg2019Download
Sensor qualityWireless insoles to measure ground reaction forces – Step by step – validity in walking, hopping and runningGeoffrey T. Burns1 , Jessica Deneweth Zendler , and Ronald F. Zernicke2017Download

Accuracy and Reproducibility

Pressure Distribution Measurement Management at novel gmbh

Many clinicians daily assess the dynamic pressure distribution of the patient’s foot and make clinical decisions based on this data. Accurate and reliable pressure information is indispensable for the clinician to decide for appropriate treatment. Depending on the loading pattern of the foot and the pathology of the patient the local pressure values of the foot can reach up to 1.2 MPa, or even higher [1]. The actual value of local pressure is extremely important in patients with pathologies such as the diabetic foot. Therefore, it is necessary that every sensor within a pressure system displays the accurate, absolute pressure value.

Appropriateness of plantar pressure measurement devices in a research context: A comparative technical assessment
Claudia Giacomozzi 
Dept. of Technology and Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanitá, Rome, Italy
Gait & Posture 32 (2010): 141-144

Accurate plantar pressure measurements are mandatory in both clinical and research contexts. Differences in accuracy, precision and reliability of the available devices have prevented so far the onset of standardization processes or the definition of reliable reference datasets.