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The current emed® pedography platforms provide accurate, reliable information for the analysis of foot function and diagnosis of foot pathologies. The platforms measure dynamic pressure distribution during the stance phase of gait. To capture this information it is very important that the platform can accurately measure the local force and local pressure. The ideal pressure platform will have a spatial resolution of four sensors per square centimetres in which each sensor is individually calibrated. The data is acquired at a fast measurement rate to be able to adequately capture the biomechanical components of the stance phase. These measurements produce a large number of data points in which sophisticated software is needed for analysis.  To describe both foot function and complete gait analysis, a longer platform is needed to capture parameters of the entire gait cycle.

For this combined application novel has developed the extra-long emed®-xl platform. As with the existing emed® platforms, the emed®-xl also works with calibrated capacitive sensors. This feature of the platforms provides the basis for novel’s worldwide reputation of precision, accuracy and reproducibility.
The extra-long platform has a sensor resolution of 4 sensors/cm² and contains more than 25,000 sensors. With an overall sampling rate of 2.5 million sensors per second, it attains a frame rate of 100 Hz. At a length of 1.44 meters, emed®-xl can record two or three consecutive steps of a patient.

The emed®-xl is the first system to capture pressure data for dynamic gait analysis without compromising high spatial resolution. In addition to the frequently reported parameters of pedography, the emed®-xl is able to calculate various gait parameters such as step width, temporal step sequence, asymmetries, and projection of the centre of gravity.
The emed®-xl platform connects directly to a Windows pc via the USB interface. A sync out signal allows for the synchronisation of 3D motion analysis, EMG, etc.  The platform also provides a bright LED for synchronisation of digital video. Additionally, it is possible to combine two emed®-xl platforms back-to-back or side-to-side to capture either long or broad measuring areas.


  • Platform size: 1,529 x 504 mm²
  • Sensor area: 1,440 x 440mm²
  • Number of sensors: 25,344
  • Sensor resolution: 4 sensors/cm²
  • Recording frequency: 100 Hz
  • Measuring range: 10 - 1,270 kPa
  • Pressure threshold: 10 kPa
  • Ports: USB, power, sync-out
  • Operating system: current Windows OS

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