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art science

pliance-ftx/E (Expert) Software

(to be used with pliance-fti analyzer)

Features included:

  • Acquisition and storage of dynamic pressure distribution data
  • View of absolute pressure values in each sensor and COP line
  • Presentation and playback of dynamic measurement
  • View maximum pressure, force and contact area
  • Maximum pressure picture (MPP), mean value picture (MVP)
  • Screen hardcopy, printout in original size
  • Storage of collected data with comments
  • Output synchronization pulse at the beginning of the measurement
    (optional synchronisation connector required)

Additional functions:

  • Color 3d display
  • Isobar display
  • Definition of several  regions of interest with corresponding analysis
  • Sensor definition to select specific sensors for the measuremen
  • (changes the system sampling rate)
  • Input synchronization pulse (optional synchronisation connector required)
  • Different output signals for synchronization with external systems i.e. EMG or video
    (optional synchronisation connector required)
  • ASCII conversion of total force, pressure values and coordinates of the COP line

Calibration function:

  • Calibration of the mat (trublu calibration device required for this option)

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