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art science

multiprojects - e

novel project is designed to calculate user-selected parameters in a quick and comfortable way. Basic statistical analysis is included. The user can specify an individual report based on the calculated data. Several masks allow to design the result-tables and -figures. Additional comments can be included in the report.

Programs included:

  • all programs listed in the multidatabase - e software package included (see multidatabase - e )
  • additionally novel projects


  • subdivides automatically the foot into several anatomic foot regions
  • uses a foot detection algorithm
  • calculates several parameters in dependence on different foot regions
  • complies clinical and pedographical parameter in a pre-structured, but flexible database
  • direct access of the emed- and pedar- measurement systems and storage of measurement data
  • pre-post comparison
  • statistic group comparison (t-test)
  • complex database search engine
  • ASCII import- and export
  • selection of a list of parameters and foot regions
  • designs the resulting report by selecting graphs and figures
  • generates automatically a pre-structured report in a HTML format
  • comparative demo-dataset "pedography of normals"
    direct comparison of any actual emed dataset with a dataset taken from 52 healthy subjects
    shows the results of the comparison in each report
    generates additional user comparative datasets