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art science

database pro m

This powerful database program organizes any information desired by the user. It offers a completely flexible structure to be generated by the user with up to four hierarchial levels possible. All installed novel analysis software can be opened from the database and all analysed parameters can be written back to the database for storage. This and the extensive search options allows for easy data reduction. This database is particularly useful when large amounts of data for multiple research projects are to be handled.






















  • flexible structure: allows creation of user defined files
  • Automatic calculation and storage of basic predefined parameters
  • Combined with novel projects, sophisticated analysis and report generation is enhanced
  • Integrates emed, pedar, pliance and multimedia data
  • Complex database search; a combination of data fields can be searched for by specifying conditional requests
  • Integrates all novel software packages
  • Initializes emed, pedar and pliance systems
  • Import/export of ASCII files
  • Statastics of intra- and inter individual groups

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