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art science

industry professional

This software package provides management and analysis of dynamic pressure districution measuremtns and multimedia data. Consist of analysis programs, novel database industrial, novel projects i program and novel player.

Programs included:

  • Multimask Evaluation -ip
  • (includes the program Creation of any masks)
  • Groupmask Evaluation
  • (includes the program Group editor)
  • novel Database industrial
  • novel projects i
  • novel player
  • Emascii
  • Average
  • novel isobar
  • novel magic mountain
  • Force & area derivatives
  • Differences
  • Velocity of the COP
  • Value master
  • Intruders
  • Transformation


  • The novel database indutrial is designed for the adaptable use of the different demands and scientific examinations
  • All fields and the structure of the novel database industrial can be defined according to the application. The fields can be filled in with pre designed input masks. Afterwards these fields can be used as selection criterions for a databse search.
  • The direct access to all installed novel programs supports a quick data analysis
  • novel projects i is designed to calculate user - selected parameters in a quick and comfortable way. Basic statistical analysis is included
  • The linking of the novel database with novel projects i allows the automation of analysis with large quantity of data
  • In addition, novel projects i supports the creation of a report with any user defined selection and arrangement of the database elements
  • novel player software program to synchronize pliance, pedar and emed pressure distribution measurements with video and ASCII
  • (i.e. EMG) files. All dynamic processes opened in novel programs are played simultaneously
  • amete


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