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art science

General Applications

The novel player software synchronises pressure measurement data obtained from emed, pedar and pliance systems with video and ASCII (e.g. EMG) files.


  • Overlay 3d pressure picture onto video
  • Synchronised dynamic processes of parameter analysis from other novel programs such as multimask evaluation
  • Drawing of an angle over the video (e.g. to measure a joint angle) and the 'tracking' of the angle as the video plays
  • Drawing of any static object over the video (e.g. a rectangle to mark a start body position). The object stays static as the video moves allowing for a comparison of how much movement occurs during the event.
  • The pressure picture can be viewed in 2d or 3d format.
  • Viewing of force, pressure and area time curves for the pressure data.
  • Produces an avi file of all synchronised dynamic events for media players

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