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art science

emed/E (Expert) Software

Features included:

  • dynamic and static pressure distribution measuring bi-directional
  • audio signal (voice) for measurement stand-by (asks the patient to start for the next step)
  • mode for automatic and manual storage of measurement data
  • integrated overview display for up to 10 measurements with automatic recognition of left and right footstep
  • display of each frame in rollover process (ROP)
  • maximum pressure picture (MPP)
  • display of sensor value for each sensor
  • vertical force - time curve
  • screen copy
  • displays gaitline (center of pressure)
  • maximum pressure - time curve
  • contact area - time curve
  • 1 : 1 printout of the pressure picture
    - with pressure value for each senso
    - large footprints may be printed on LS printer
  • displays isobar pictures
  • many frames static measurement
  • dynamic, colour display of the ROP and the MPP in 3D with user defined angle of view
  • calculates the averaged rollover process from single measurements with   automatic storage to the database
  • measures foot length and width
  • shows force-time integrals
  • provides toolbar for graphical editing
  • allows direct access to clinical foot reporting system (if installed)
  • extract of a selected area within one pressure picture (e.g. double contact) as one step or as different steps

  • novel database light
    - management of basic patient data
    - creation of multiple databases
    - initiates data acquisition
    - access to all novel - software, if installed

Screenshot of emed®/E (Expert) Software

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