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From 16 to 17 March 2015 a special customer training was held at the Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The hospital just bought a high-end setup for their Acibadem Sports Center which will be used for clinic daily routine and also for research. In this center professional and amateur athletes, children as well as young adults and those with chronic illnesses will regain their health aided by many sports medicine center specialists. About seven people from Acibadem Hospital were present and got a training on using the new emed®-xl platform system and the pedar® in-shoe system.
The emed system is used for barefoot measurements, to analyse the dynamic foot function. Measuring barefoot gives a pressure picture of the foot without the influence of shoes. This way it can be used for diagnosis. As a perfect combination to the emed system the pedar system measures the interaction between foot, shoe and ground, by inserting a sensor insole into the shoe. It can be used for the control of therapy and to assess the function of the shoe.
The team from Acibadem Hospital learned how they can do measurements with both systems and how they can use the novel scientific analysis software for their daily work and research.

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