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Novel was invited to participate at the Symposium "10 Years of Special Foot and Ankle Surgery" organized by Prof. Hamel and colleagues. The presenters, i.e. the president of the German Society of Foot Surgery (D.A.F.) Dr. Dohle and the elected president of the European Society of Foot an Ankle Surgery (EFAS) Prof. Richter  gave a very comprehensive overview of the different aspects of actual procedures and trends in foot surgery. Dr. Schramml presented a project named “Feuerkinder”: physicians from Europe work in a local hospital and support the locals in building and running their own hospital in a rural area of Tanzania. Apart from the scientific part the artist Hannah Gröschl performed some pieces of clarinet music, for example a piece for clarinet and A3 nail (A3 Anatomic Ankle Arthrodesis System ®).
During the reception and after the event around 170 people enjoyed a delicious buffet and nice conversations with colleagues and friends.

Click here for a press follow-up in German.

Prof. Hamel with the College of "10 Years of Special Foot and Ankle Surgery" in 2014

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