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We would like to inform you of the upcoming symposium on Diabetic Foot Update, which will take place at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University (SVU) in Vadorara in the state of Gujarat, India, on the 29th of March. The venue will be the Auditorium at SBKS Medical College, SVU. The symposium will be hosted by Prof. Lata Parmar, Principal of the College of Physiotherapy (SVU) and her colleagues.

Prof. Parmar showed great interest in novel’s technology, and she and her colleagues at the College of Physiotherapy recently received a presentation of novel’s products conducted by our CTO Dr Axel Kalpen. The presentation was met with enthusiasm, and Prof. Parmar decided to show the recorded presentation at the upcoming Diabetic Foot Update Symposium.

Diabetes is particularly wide-spread in India featuring 67 million of patients throughout the country. 15 % of these patients must expect to be getting diabetic foot ulcers due to neuropathy. There are currently 200,000 leg amputations each year, and plentiful cases of diabetic foot infections. Treatment costs are very high. This symposium will emphasise that highest priority lies in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers. It will further underline the need to stress the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach in managing this healthcare menace.

Rajani ESM2012
Dr Rajani Mullerpatan, MGM University Navi Mumbai

The one-day symposium will feature several lectures. One of these lectures will be conducted by a long-standing client and user of novel’s technology Dr Rajani Mullerpatan, Professor and Director of the College of Physiotherapy, MGM University Navi Mumbai. Dr Rajani Mullerpatan is a physiotherapist who focuses on therapeutic assessment and management related to foot problems. She completed her PhD on ‘Foot function in Diabetic Neuropathy’ from Cardiff University, UK. On her work with tribal people using novel’s technology, please see our previous report.

For further information about this symposium, please contact the Department of Physiotherapy at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University.

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