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art science

Inline Skating with pedar

The "Olympiastützpunkt Bayern" (Olympic Training Centre Bavaria in cooperation with Technical University Munich) uses the pedar system for the assessment of training equipment. The pictures show the optimization of slalom technique using Inline Skates.

19th International Symposium for Foot Surgery, Munich, 2011 December 02/03

novel is participating in the 19th International Symposium for Foot Surgery in Munich. We may look forward to welcoming you at our stand.


How the way we run affects our body (BBC-Feature)

A  special BBC-Feature about recent research at Dundee University: "How the way we run affects our body". - The scientiffic measurements of pressure distribution by Prof. Dr. Rami Abboud show: Wrong technic in running can damage the human joint.

novel helps improving the technique of ambitious cyclists

We are pleased to help improving the technique of ambitious cyclists and bikeboard users with our pedar system!

novel is a sponsor of the MOT Research Prize 2012

Innovative scientific and/or practice-oriented original articles are awarded with the aim to support research in orthopaedics.

Orthopädische Innovationen - MOT- PREIS 2012
Mit dem Ziel der orthopädischen und orthopädietechnischen Forschungsförderung
werden innovative wissenschaftliche und/oder praxisrelevante Originalarbeiten
ausgezeichnet. [...] MOT Magazin 2011

ESS - European Seating Symposium, Dublin, 7-10 November 2011

novel participated at the European Seating Symposium 2011 in Dublin.

Munich City Run Fall 2011

BOFAS Annual Conference, 2nd-4th November 2011

We are pleased to participate in the BOFAS Annual Conference
(2nd-4th November 2011) and welcome you.

First impressions of DKOU 2011 // Booth 92/13

Please download the novel info sheet for the DKOU 2011 in Berlin

Download the PDF

Exhibition announcement DKOU 2011

We are pleased to welcome you at the DKOU 2011 in Berlin from 25th - 28th of October. Visit us at booth 92/13


BOA/IOA Combined Meeting, Dublin - 14-16 September

novel participated at the Combined Meeting of the British Orthopaedic
Association and Irish Orthopaedic Association  in Dublin, and won the
Best Small Booth Award.
In the picture: Bill Quinlan (President IOA), Maria Gabriella Atzori (novel UK),
Peter Kay (President BOA)

Pressure Treatment: Dynamic data guide orthotic therapy

Dynamic pressure measurement systems aren’t just for research any more. The technology optimizes outcomes by enabling practitioners to prescribe orthoses that address particular gait abnormalities and to quantify the biomechanical effects.

Please, read more (by Cary Groner)

ESM 2010 abstracts are published in Clinical Biomechanics

The abstracts, including three full paper, from the 12th biennial ESM conference on Dynamic Load Distribution in Biomechanics which took place in August 2010 in Providence, USA, were published in the Clinical Biomechanics Journal, Vol. 26, Issue 6.
The entire ESM section is available online in the July 2011 issue or in the printed journal.

Pictures of the ECSS sports congress 2011 in Liverpool

A few pictures of the ISB 2011 in Brussels (3rd - 7 July 2011)

novel has particpated  at the iSB 2011 Congress in Brussels.

More than 1500 participants from all over the world enjoid the very well organised meeting and hundreds of excellent presentations.
The many discussions in a very friendly atmosphere make that meeting so valuable.
ISB president Julie Steel and her team did an excellent job to make that meeing outstanding.

Certainly a must to go for 2013 in Brazil.

Website ESM2012 now online!

Please, contact the homepage ESM 2012 at the following links:

new emed pedography software flyer

new emed pedography software flyer  - download the PDF
Please download here

novel will be at the ECSS Sports congress in Liverpool

novel will be at the ECSS Sports congress in Liverpool.
Please visit us at booth No 87 - we look forward to welcoming you there.

novel will be at the ISB congress in Brussels, July 3-7

novel will be at the ISB congress in Brussels , July 3-7.
Please visit us at our booth - we look forward to welcoming you there.

First Announcement - Call for Papers ESM 2012

Aalborg, Denmark, August 1-4, 2012
Download PDF file

measure - supply - verify

measure - supply - verify
Pedograpy for functional diagnostics and therapy control of diabetic feet
(file size: 13.5 MB)

Is Less More? - From the November 2010 issue of Runner's World

Is Less More?

Fueled by the barefoot-running craze and the success of the FiveFingers, a new crop of "minimalist" shoes has emerged, heating up the debate over what we should wear on our feet—and what the running shoe of the future will look like. [...],7120,s6-240-400--13691-1-1X2X3X4X5X6X7X8-8,00.html

Bob Parks for Runner`s World, November 2010

Congress on Technical Orthopedics 2011 in Garmisch, Bavaria

novel participated at the 12th Congress on Technical Orthopedics, taking place on May 13th-14th, 2011 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria. On the exhibition booth of novel, meetings with interested visitors and existing customers were mainly focussing on pedography and its application for orthopaedic shoemakers.

7. Annual Meeting (DGfB)

novel participated in the congress of the German Society for Biomechanics in
Murnau, 19 - 21 May 2011.
Homepage 7. Jahrestagung (DGfB)

International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot

novel has taken part in the "International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot"
11-14 May 2011, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

Please enjoy the following pictures.

ESM 2012

ESM 2012 – Aalborg University, Dept. of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg, Denmark

Dear Colleagues,

It is with outstanding delight to invite you all to the international Expert Scientific Meeting 2012 (ESM 2012) to be held at the Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University in Northern Jutland, Denmark ( Based on the tradition of previous years, this conference is dedicated to research on dynamic load distribution in biomechanics. This meeting unites researchers from various scientific fields and sets an interdisciplinary stage for newest developments in applied and fundamental research. Topics will be ranging from load distribution under the foot to in vivo pressure distribution within joints, on seats, or handles of tools, during sport movements, data analysis techniques and data integration in advanced applications. [...] Please, read more

Rider physiotherapy and performance analysis

pliance mat meassures symmetry of seat

Making cutting edge technology available to the everyday rider

novel Science link has been revised

The novel Science link under has been revised. - We hope you enjoy this page!

emed and pedar systems are certified medical products following the MDD 93/42

emed and pedar systems are certified medical products following the MDD 93/42.
The certification is indispensible for the use of the system as a diagnsotic instrument in medicine.
Tests are performed for each series by the notified body TUEV Vienna TÜV Austria.

During the certification of the singular pedar systems the quality of their measuring function was tested. It was found that the deviation of the average pressure was lower than 2.5 % at different pressure levels. The accuracy of the sensor area was found to be higher than 99.73 %, which is essential for the calculation of the correct force values, loading the sensor insole.

9th International Meeting of Austrian Foot Society, 2011

novel has taken part in the 9th International Meeting of Austrian Foot Society, Going 2011

"Ortopedteknik 2011" in Gothenburg

novel has presented at the exhibition accompanying the congress "Ortopedteknik 2011". Experts from the orthotic and prosthetic field in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries met in the Gothenburg Conevention Centre from 31 March to 2 April, 2011

Pes Sem Dor is the biggest customer in Brazil

Pes Sem Dor is the biggest customer in Brazil.
Pes Sem Dor supplies comfort shoes and shoe inserts to customers in many Brazilan cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Piracicaba, Sao Luiz and many others.
Pes Sem Dor uses the latest emed pedography systems and intelligent  expert software from to monitor and analyze dynamic footprints and produce shoe inserts with CAD/CAM  Systems from pedcad.
Please look at the Pes Sem Dor homepage

ESM 2012

Dear colleagues,

novel is very happy to announce that the next Expert Scientific Meeting (ESM) on dynamic load distribution of the human body, animals and technical contact surfaces will take place in Aalborg, Denmark. The congress will be hosted by
Uwe Kersting and
colleagues at Aalborg University and Aarhus University Hospital.

The meeting will be held from August 1st until August 4th, 2012 and will combine two days of scientific presentations on August 2nd and 4th, educational courses and workshops on August 1st and the networking day on August 3rd.

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in Aalborg
in August 2012.

novel Muenchen, St.Paul, St. Petersburg

novel is measuring force distribution on bolt setting tools ...

latest novel video - x-country on the ski mat

Measurements on the ski mat:

Kerstin Bosch's Report from USCCP-Uganda Sustainable Clubfoot Care Project



“Only” 11 days...

... so we decided to perform a “ long-term measurement marathon”! The platform systems worked very well, we always had access to electricity supply, and the premises were simply arranged to fit  ;-)

I have to say that this trip impressed me so much. Despite the terrible conditions under which most people live there, they have always had a friendly smile and kind words for us. Everyone was so grateful for the work we were doing, and we were made to feel welcome everywhere. It was amazing to see how poor these people are. And then there was the scenery: the landscape of this country does take your breath away... the red soil clashes with the deep lush green everywhere, from bananas to vanilla, everything was ready to be picked from the plant.

I then spent the weekend at the Lagoon Resort on Lake Victoria - what a dream!

Our team was made from participants from all parts of the world, so heterogeneous that in the beginning we weren’t so sure that we would be able to get along smoothly. However, these doubts were soon wiped away within minutes after getting together.

The measurement technique, which provided us with lots of pressure data, survived the challenges without problems. All the data is now awaiting the final review in my living room.
Team member Dr. Kerstin Bosch, responsible for the pedography foot analysis

"Nur" 11 Tage"

Wir haben daher einen Dauermessmarathon durchgeführt. Die Messplatten haben hervorragend funktioniert; es war immer eine Stromversorgung gewährleistet und die Räumlichkeiten haben wir passend gemacht ;-)

Ich muss sagen, diese Reise war unglaublich beeindruckend. Trotz der schlimmen Bedingungen, unter denen die meisten Menschen dort leben, haben sie immer ein freundliches Lächeln und liebe Worte für uns gehabt. Die Menschen waren unglaublich dankbar für unsere Arbeit; wir waren überall herzlich willkommen. Es war unglaublich zu sehen, wie arm diese Menschen sind. Dazu der Kontrast der atemberaubenden Landschaft ... diese rote Erde und das satte Grün überall. Von Banane bis Vanille, alles greifbar vom Baum/Strauch oder was auch immer.

Das Wochenende habe ich im Lagoon Resort am Viktoriasee verbracht - ein Traum! Wir waren ein perfektes Team vor Ort. So bunt durcheinander gewürfelt aus aller Welt war das vorher gar nicht so sicher, ob wir gut harmonieren, aber das war nach den ersten Minuten klar.

Mit reichlich Druckmessdaten im Gepäck hat die Messtechnik alles gut überstanden und wartet nun in meinem Wohnzimmer auf die letzte Durchsicht.
Team member Dr. Kerstin Bosch, responsible for the pedography foot analysis

Samba with pedar - lets go Brazil!

Next March, Sao Paulo (Brazil) is prepared to hold a bigger Carnival Party in which a lot of "Samba Schools" will undergo to a competition.
"Rosas de Ouro" (Golden Roses) won last year and is completing 40 years in 2011. Globo Television (a national TV channel) asked to me and our Biomech Lab to evaluate a Professional Samba dancer from "Rosas de Ouro" to see what is happening with her feet.
This TV news will be shown in National Television on mid February and will be about "How to take care of your feet during Carnival".

It was very fun and interesting! I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video we made!
Associated Professor Isabel C.N. Sacco (PhD)
Physical Therapy, Speech, and Occupational Therapy, School of Medicine - University of Sao Paulo

The video showing our team collecting samba data is in this video:



Japan 2009, novel at TOKYO BIG SIGHT

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