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art science

Season's greetings from the entire novel team


The novel team would like to thank you all for your friendly cooperation and trust in our company.
We wish you peaceful Christmas Holidays and a very successful and happy New Year.

novel munich:
Martina Batzel, Clelia Beraldi, Alessandra Cristalli, Marcel Domscheck,
Manfred Geuder, Alexander Grahammer, Kathrin Hörmann,
Daniela Jirová-Enzmann, Axel Kalpen, Andrea Kempff,
Viatcheslav Lebedev, Holger Neumann, Gabriele Schlosser,
Gabriele Seitz, Peter Seitz, Samira Seyedi, Anke Stoltz
novel SPb:
Tatiana Tsvetkova and team
novel uk:
Maria Gabriella Atzori
novel USA.:
Susan Diekrager, Maria Pasquale

Important year-end message for all customers!

software update to windows 7 and latest novel software versions

Update service was prolonged due to high request.
Due to the high number of updates novel decided to prolonge the low-cost update service to March 30, 2011.

Consensus on recommendations and minimum requirements for assessment and appropriateness of PMD hardware performance

C. Giacomozzi, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Claudia Giacomozzi, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy
(draft Sept 2010; final version Nov 2010)

Peter Seitz honored with Hohmann Medal 2010

During the German Society of Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC) conference in Berlin Peter Seitz, the founder of novel gmbh, was honored by DGOOC for his outstanding service to the development of pedography as a method for functional diagnosis of the foot and development of other procedures to measure load on the human body.

Professor Georg Hohmann (1880-1970) was a renowned figure in health care for the orthopaedically disabled during his lifetime.

The medal of honor was ceremoniously presented to Peter Seitz and other honorees during the DGOOC President’s Dinner.
Peter Seitz thanked Dr. Frank, the DGOOC President , for the honor and acknowledged his important contribution in foot surgery. Peter Seitz also thanked his long- time friend Professor Thomas Mittlmeier, Professor for Emergency Surgery at the University of Rostock, who introduced him to foot biomechanics 25 years ago.
Further pedography development and continued support and involvement with the scientific community is of significant importance to novel and all of its employees.

Peter Seitz talking to Dagmar Gail (Hohmann Medaille 2009)


Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

More than 8,000 participants were registered for the 4 day scientific conference and exhibition, which included the latest technology in the field of medical science and daily clinical assessment of patients.  Many visiting orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, as well as physical therapists used the opportunity to experience an 8-minute pedographic examination, including a clinical report, at the novel booth.

The conference also brought increased interest in the commercially available intraoperative pedography (IP) from novel.  Implementing a standardized load procedure the surgeon has the ability with IP  to measure  the load beneath the foot and ultimately modify the surgical treatment if required.  The clinical use of this technique was presented during the scientific program by Professor Dr. Med Martinus Richter (Coburg, Germany). Dr Richter demonstrated an impressive result in patient satisfaction documented by a 24 month follow up study (Richter, M., Zech, S., 2009) “Is Intraoperative Pedography Helpful in Clinical Use – Preliminary Results of 100 Cases from a Consecutive, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Follow-up Study. Foot & Ankle Surgery: 15(4): 198-204).

The 9th scientific meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group

The 9th scientific meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group has been held in Uppsala, Sweden, 17 - 19 September 2010.
Dr. Tatiana Tsvetkova from novel SPb presented the poster:
"Charcot foot pressure distribution images in diagnostics and training", T.Tsvetkova (novel SPb LLC), V.Bregovskiy (City Diabetological Center Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Pilot study on bridles with novel sensors

The Mary Anne McPhail Equine Performance Center at the Michigan State University, USA, did a pilot study with the bridle sensors from novel. Pressures from 20-85 kPa were detected on the noseband during riding. At the poll the pressure did not exceed 8.5 kPa.


ESM 2010, Providence, Rhode Island August 14-17, 2010

The 12th biennial ESM conference was held in Providence RI August 14-17, 2010.
The meeting provided once again a superb display of scientific discussion mixed with social interaction. Providence provided the perfect setting for the conference, with its rich history (Brown University), artistic display (Waterfire) and gracious host (Susan D’Andrea and the Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine). The conference was attended by a combination of new and old attendees which provided an ideal mixture for new friendships and collaborations to be formed. Some of the conference highlights included the Workshops at the CRRM, the RISD Museum of Art evening even including the most beautiful piano concert by one of the conference presenters, Henriette Gaertner, and a docent led tour displaying some impressive 19th, 20th and 21st century artists, and the Block Island activity day including a lobster feast at sunset. The final banquet provided good laughs and great music and an announcement for the next ESM, to be held in Brazil in 2011. Once again, ESM was a success! – by Maria Pasquale, novel inc.
>> Please, read more about ESM2010

See more pictures here >>







The 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics

The 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics

Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, the major teaching hospital for the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, thank you for attending the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics. The meeting was held at the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC) in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, a city of 170,000 combines the charm of a small New England town with the energy of a thriving city.

Watch video >>

The 6th World Congress on Biomechanics

Singapore, August 2010

novel was presenting its technology on the 6th World Congress of Biomechanics, which took place in Singapore from August 1st to 6th. Being one of 30 exhibitors, novel came in contact with scientists from mainly the Asia Pacific region, but also from America and Europe. In total about 2,000 delegates were participating the congress in this vibrant city, which has always been a melting pot of cultures.

Foot strike patterns and collision forces in habitually barefoot versus shod runners

Lieberman DE, Venkadesan M, Werbel WA, Daoud AI, D'Andrea S, Davis IS, Mang'eni RO, Pitsiladis Y. (2010)
Humans have engaged in endurance running for millions of years1, but the modern running shoe was not invented until the 1970s ....

Please read more  >>

Fast Feet: A Springy Step Helps Humans Walk

(by Christopher Joyce)

It took a few million years for human ancestors to evolve into the walking, talking, texting and blogging creatures we've become. Along the way, the human body and brain have changed a lot. And we couldn't have done it without our feet.

Our ape-like ancestors had a foot built for grasping branches and climbing trees. But our foot is stiff, taut and springy, built for walking and running.


European College of Sport Science

novel was exhibiting at the 15th annual meeting of the ECSS held in Antalya from June 23rd - 26th. More than 1500 participants from all over the world were participating in this conference.

Appropriateness of plantar pressure measurement devices

Appropriateness of plantar pressure measurement devices:
A comparative technical assessment

Read the article about appropriateness of plantar pressure measurement devices by Claudia Giacomozzi

Accurate plantar pressure measurements are mandatory in both clinical and research contexts. Differences in accuracy, precision and reliability of the available devices have prevented so far the onset of standardization processes or the definition of reliable reference datasets.
Read more

Saudi Arabia Physiotherapy Conference in Dammam

novel was participating at the Saudi Arabia Physiotherapy Conference in Dammam. Prof. R. van Deursen the invited speaker from the University of Cardiff presented results about the use of Pedography in Physiotherapy. Many participants took the opportunity to get further information about the use of Pressure Distribution Measurement in Physiotherapy.

Biathlon test at University Salzburg

A custom designed novel pliance sensor array is used by the University Salzburg  to monitor the positioning and stability of the riffle in Biathlon sports. A combination of montion analysis, pressure distribuion measurement and EMG.

The work is in progress.

Universität Salzburg
Fachbereich Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft/USI

Running studies at INESCOP Institute

An example for running studies done at the INESCOP Institute in Mallorca by Caspar Morey and collegues.

136. IBTeC 26. Feb 2010

Informe 026 - fevereiro 2010


Participação confirmada!

Sete entre as dez maiores referências mundiais em biomecânica estarão presentes no VII Simpósio Brasileiro de Biomecânica do Calçado, de 28 a 30 de abril

Já estão confirmados os nomes dos palestrantes internacionais do VII Simpósio Brasileiro de Biomecânica do Calçado. Os especialistas mostrarão ao público as pesquisas realizadas em assuntos como calçados de instabilidade, calçados para a realização de caminhada e para uso militar, além da implicação da forma do pé e forma dinâmica no design de calçados.


Universidade de Essen/Alemanha

Falará sobre Propriedades e benefícios de calçados
de instabilidade - o conceito MBT  


Universidade de Calgary/Canadá

Traçará um paralelo entre Calçados
de caminhada e biomecânica da caminhada

Universidade de Chemitz/Alemanha
Abordará o estudo Dos pés aos calçados: 
Desenvolvimento de botas militares    



Universidade Clínica de Tübingen/Alemanha
Divulgará o estudo Forma do pé estática x forma dinâmica e
suas implicações no design de calçados   

Outros palestrantes de reconhecimento nacional serão divulgados nas próximas edições desta news!




Coordenador do Laboratório de Biomecânica





Pesquisador Laboratório de Biomecânica   





Pesquisadora Laboratório de Biomecânica

Realizado entre os dias 28 e 30 de abril, em Novo Hamburgo/RS, o Simpósio contará com apresentações dos pesquisadores do IBTeC, os quais trarão o estado da arte das inovações tecnológicas em calçados. O evento é destinado a profissionais do setor calçadista, componentes, design, moda, marketing, controle da qualidade e saúde.


O Simpósio é patrocinado pelo Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas (SEBRAE), com apoio do Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), União Européia (UE), Projeto de Apoio à Inserção Internacional de Pequenas e Médias Empresas Brasileiras (PAIIPME), Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial (ABDI), Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior (MDIC).

As incrições podem ser feitas pelo e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. com

Marcela ou pelo fone: 51 3553.1000

Abicalçados realiza na sede do IBTeC sua primeira reunião de 2010 com representantes de sindicatos
A primeira reunião do ano entre a Abicalçados e representantes de diversos sindicatos patronais do setor calçadista foi realizada no dia 8 de fevereiro, na sede do IBTeC, em Novo Hamburgo/RS. A iniciativa teve como finalidade a aproximação dos empresários com o IBTeC, e a divulgação dos laboratórios de ensaios físicos disponibilizados. Os trabalhos foram divididos em duas partes Â- num primeiro momento, os dirigentes sindicais e a diretoria da Abicalçados foram recebidos pelo presidente do IBTeC, Rui Guerreiro, e realizaram uma visita aos laboratórios, físico, mecânico, de biomecânica e de substâncias restritivas. Logo em seguida, ocorreu a reunião, onde foram discutidos temas recorrentes ao setor, como carga tributária, antidumping, terceirização e as negociações bilaterais entre Brasil e Argentina.A reunião contou com a presença do presidente da Abicalçados, Milton Cardoso, dos diretores-executivos Heitor Klein e Rogério Dreyer, do consultor Ênio Klein, além de representantes dos sindicatos das indústrias de Jaú, Birigui e Franca/SP, Ivoti, Dois Irmãos, Igrejinha, Novo Hamburgo, Campo Bom, Parobé, Três Coroas e Estância Velha/RS. Também participaram associados da entidade.

Após conhecerem a sede do IBTeC, empresários discutem problemas pontuais do setor.

Linhasita visita o IBTeC e reafirma parceria no projeto Âncoras de Gestão
Executivos da Linhasita, empresa parceria do projeto "Âncoras de Gestão", realizaram no dia 3 de fevereiro uma visita cortesia ao IBTeC. Os sócios-diretores Narciso Silva e Oscar Rossi e o gerente Fulvio Diefenbach foram recepcionados pelo diretor do IBTeC Jorge Azeredo, que mostrou a estrutura do IBTeC nas áreas de pesquisas e ensaios.

Jorge Azeredo (IBTeC), Narciso Silva, Oscar William Rossi e Fulvio Diefenbach (Linhasita)
SGS Polímeros é a mais nova associada ao IBTeC
No dia 13 de fevereiro, o IBTeC recebeu a visita de profissionais da SGS Polímeros. Interessada em conhecer especialmente os testes para a detecção de substâncias restritivas e ensaios físicos em materiais, a empresa associou-se ao IBTeC, visando futuras parcerias entre as duas organizações. No Laboratório de Substâncias Restritivas, os visitantes foram recebidos pelo professor Valdir Soldi.

Valdir Soldi (IBTeC), Gilberto Martins, Vanderlei Steffense Simone Laux Schaeffmacher (SGS Polímeros)

Encontros de Integração promovem a reflexão entre colaboradores do IBTeC
No mês de janeiro, a vice-presidência de Recursos Humanos e Ação Social do IBTeC iniciou a série de Encontros de Integração de 2010, evento que já é tradição no instituto. O Presidente do instituto, Rui Guerreiro, fez a abertura dos trabalhos, dando boas-vindas aos colaboradores, informando as perspectivas e metas de trabalho para 2010. No primeiro encontro o formato adotado pela Comissão Organizadora teve como diferencial a transmissão do filme Quem quer ser um Milionário, e teve como propósito incentivar a reflexão nos colaboradores sobre temas como determinação, persistência, foco no cumprimento de metas e objetivos. A Comissão de Integração é composta pelos colaboradores Cássia Amaral, Cecília Wagner, Cíntia Cristina da Silva, Débora Hansen, Gustavo Heilmann, Viviane Trespach, Júnior Lima e Marcela Silva.

New development from novel: a large size bed rest sensor mat

novel  has developed a large size bed rest sensor mat that covers the full area of a mattress. The mat is highly elastic and conforms perfectly to the surface of a mattress under body load. As with all novel systems the sensors are calibrated accurately to the pressure range obtained during body contact.

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