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art science

Measurements of the forces exerted on a piano

In preparation of a new "art in science" project, novel took preliminary measurements of the individual forces exerted whilst striking the keys of a piano.

For the data collection the German concert pianist Henriette Gärtner played the introductory tunes of Schubert's "Wandererphantasie".


novel Electronics Inc Receives 2009 Best of St. Paul Award

Novel Electronics Inc has been selected for the 2009 Best of St. Paul Award in the Instruments & Control Equipment category by the US Commerce Association.

Each year, the US Commerce Association (USCA) identifies companies that it believes have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

International Exhibition PEOPLE & HEALTH

novel GmbH participated at the International Exhibition PEOPLE & HEALTH, 20th-23rd of October, 2009 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The participants of the Exhibition were 31 companies from Russia, 16 companies from Germany , and one company from France.

Our booth was visited by orthopaedists, traumatologists, prosthetists, surgeons, physicians of sport medicine, bioengineers from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, and from many other cities of Russia, as well as 41 patients who were informed about a possibility to be examined with the emed system.

pedar measurements at Zermatt Marathon, Switzerland

The Sports Research Institute, CASRI (Prague, Czech Republic) has equipped the runner Milos Skorpil with a pedar-x system to take part in the Zermatt Marathon, which is a supreme alpine racing challenge (distance of 42.2 km, upward gradient 1944m).

The main focus of the measurements during this extreme marathon was put on the performance and fatigue of the feet, correlated with the trails profile.

A pedar test on the top Chinese tennis player

A pedar test on the top Chinese tennis player conducted in Chengdu, China

Please click here to see a video and photos of the novel pedar test in Chengdu.

ESM 2010 now online

Now online: the ESM 2010 Homepage, a complete list of ESM 2008 and ESM 2006 abstracts

ESM 2010 (Aug 14 -17, 2010)

Download the ESM abstracts:

1. Abstracts for ESM 2008 (14 MB)

2. Abstracts for ESM 2006 (3 MB)

Brazilian company IBTeC is a novel user since several years

Brazilian company IBTeC is a novel user since several years. Please have a look at the staff of the biomechanic laboratory while demonstrating the pedar system.

Prof. Aluisio Otavio Varga Avila on the left


International Congress on Diabetes and its Complications

 novel participated in the "International Congress on Diabetes and its Complications" in Yazd - Iran (June 1. 2009)



article about the pliance system

An article about the pliance system by Norma Johnson published in "Horse Scene Magazine" (UK) in April 2009. (May 15. 2009)

Pin Pointing Pressure

By Norma Johnson – Master Saddle Fitter from Horse Scene

Every rider knows that one of the most important aspects of taking care of a horse in ridden work should be that of a correct fi tting saddle. No horse owner should compromise the comfort of their horse as it will not only affect their performance, but can also cause long term non reversible damage, and after all, to most of us our equine friends are just an extension of our family - I know, in my house my four legged stable friend is higher up the food chain than my husband!... Read more >>

Read more about the pliance saddle system

pliance saddle software

pplication of pliance®-s sensor mat

pliance®-s system in use

A study about the effects of fatigue on ground reaction force

A study about the effects of fatigue on ground reaction force in cross country skiing runs at CeBiSM, University Trento. The results will be presented as a poster at the ECSS congress in Oslo in June.

Scarce defeat against Saxons

In the last training before the beginning of the Season, the Muenchen Rangers played against the Peterborough Saxons in the Dantestadion last Sunday. Two equally strong teams fought hard against each other in perfect weather which made the entire game very exciting.

written by Bernhard Hunzinger.
Read more (in German) >>

Measurements with pliance system on 16 Judoka in South Korea

Measurements with 16 Judoka were done at the Yong In University in South Korea, with Dr. Eui-hwan Kim, president of the Asian Society of Sport Biomechanics.

The pliance-x system with glove sensor was used to record the finger forces during repeated attacks against a dummy. Experts are loading the little finger higher than the index finger during pulling and throwing. Regional analysis of pressure data in combination with synchronized video allow to assess the level of skills of the athletes.




Climbing in the Austrian Mountains with pedar system

It is a common misconception about rock-climbing that the decisive factor for success is finger-strength. Especially with non-overhanging routes, the majority of the climber's weight rests on his feet. To get as much weight as possible on footholds that are sometimes more slim than the spine of a cd case, climbers wear specially designed shoes, the construction of whose sole is designed to enable the climber to concentrate all weight at the very tip of his toes by distributing the resultant pressure throughout the foot.

The measurements taken here can show in detail the relative success of that distribution and the development of pressure within the shoe in different climbing situations. This could lead both to improved constructions and a better understanding of the impact of prolongued climbing on the climber's feet.

Trying to save diabetic feet

Diabetes-related amputations have skyrocketed but doctors say that with vigilance, prevention and better circulation treatment, it doesn't have to be that way. By Shari Roan, March 22, 2009 Los Angeles has one of the highest diabetes-related amputation rates in the country. Yet vascular surgeon Dr. George Andros can't seem to draw enough attention.

Please read this article from 'Los Angeles Times'

Parents' dream shoe a reality

Read an article about 'Parents dream shoe a reality' from 'Bigpond News' where the eight-man research team from the University of Potsdam spent two years testing the walking and running movements of more than 10,000 children while using novel emed system.

New test on tennis rackets

novel is presently collecting data on tennis rackets. The timing of grip force as well as the local peak pressure and the forces on the fingers are relevant parameters. The tests will be continued during regular matches.

novel participated for the fifth time in the Arab Health Conference

This year novel was once again present at the Arab Health Conference and medical trade show in Dubai, the most important medical conference in the Middle East.

Visitors from more than 25 different countries came to see the novel systems and to discuss the applications in daily clinical routine, mainly for the prevention of the Diabetic Foot Syndrome, which is sadly a condition that affects more than 20% of the citizens of some of the Middle East countries.

The novel systems could help with providing adequate foot care for them.



novel congratulates the new world champion in downhill racing John Kucera

novel did measurements during a training session with John Kucera in Austria.

The pedar system was used to do an assessment of the load distrubution underneath the feet in a race like situation. The results can be used for an optimization of the athletes performance.

Related links

Video-Interview with John Kucera

Wikipedia of John Kucera

Biography of John KUCERA

Cross country skiing at CeBiSM

A pedar-x system with sensor insoles was used in a study about cross country skiing at CeBiSM (Research Centre for Bioengineering and Motor Sciences at the University of Brescia, Trento, Udine  and Verona).

This study was requested by the technical staff of the Italian Federation of Cross Country Skiing and some Italian top athletes. The aim was to evaluate the load during pushing phase in diagonal stride, one of the techniques of the classical style in cross country skiing. The load exerted on the skis determines the grade of bending, and its knowledge is important for the choice of stiffnes of the ski and the way of waxing.

The pictures show a measurement session done at an altitude of 3200m in the Schnalstal skiing area, close to the place where "Oetzi the Iceman" was discovered.

New year´s greetings from the entire novel team

The novel team would like to thank you all for your support and faith in us during the last year, and promises to continue to be there for you in 2009.

A happy new year to you all!